Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Cooperative Board Card Game 2-5 Players

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The Rick or Morty Card Game is a product for anyone who enjoys the popular sitcom. This game can also be enjoyed by individuals who never seen the series. The main story involves Rick, who has implemented procedures in order to lock his family in a house. Throughout the wacky adventure, users must help Rick get rid of parasites. The big challenge of this game is determining whether or not a parasite is someone in Rick’s family.

* Cooperative, but with no “table captain” issues.
* Mimics the action and hilarity of the Rick and Morty Episode “Total Rickall”.
* Easy to learn.
* Feature many of the zaniest and wackiest characters from the episode.
* Includes rules for Advanced Play with hidden roles!
* Age: 15 & up.
* Players: 2 – 5 people.
* Contains: 114 cards and  1 turn Marker.
* Playing time: 20-30 minutes.


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